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The Buddy Bed
Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Top 5 Comfiest Dog Beds That Work With Any Size or Breed

5 Best Dog Beds: One-Size-Fits-All Comfort for Any Size Canine

Is your furry best friend having trouble settling down for a good night's rest?

Especially for dogs with fragile joints, the quest for the perfect bed isn’t just about luxury - it’s about their health. The wrong bed can worsen joint discomfort in dogs, leading to poorer mobility and a host of other issues.

That’s why our dedicated team has tested dozens of dog beds, all in the pursuit of canine comfort nirvana. We've seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Ready to find out which beds made the cut? Let’s dive in!



Comfort: 100%

Price: $$

Overall: A+

The Buddy Bed by Toby & Ace first caught our attention during their last holiday sale, when they offered 45% off. (Good news; this year’s holiday sale is on now!) Since then, they've been selling out repeatedly, and it's easy to see why. This bed blends science-backed features like CertiPUR-US Orthopedic Foam and cooling gel technology. It's designed with ProSupport® Technology to relieve joint and muscle pressure, ensuring your dog, whether they’re a Chihuahua or an Irish Wolfhound, gets the support they need. The Buddy Bed also features AirScape Cooling Gel Technnolgy to keep them from overheating in their sleep, which leads to tossing and turning.

Our team found it to be more comfortable than any other bed on the market (at least, OUR dogs think so!) For the humans in the equation, it’s got the added benefit of being machine washable and easy to clean, which saves time, and extremely durable, which saves money on replacement beds. The Buddy Bed is also the only bed on this list with a 10-year warranty and a 60-day free trial. A definite must-buy!

This isn't just a bed, it's a canine comfort revolution!


Comfort: 95%

Price: $$$

Overall Value: B+

Our team liked the Casper dog bed for its comfort and durability. It’s made of the same material that Casper human beds are made of, so it provides a supportive and contouring sleep surface. But it didn’t quite match up to the Buddy Bed in terms of overall canine luxury or science-backed design. The bed's standout features, like its removable, machine-washable cover and sewn-in zippers that won’t scratch floors, make it a solid choice for those willing to invest a bit more for quality canine snooze.



Comfort: 90%

Price: $$$

Overall Value: B+

Big Barker has made a splash in the pet world, especially for owners of large and giant breeds. Their Orthopedic Dog Bed is custom-made for big dogs' needs, offering robust joint support and cushy comfort. However, this bed just didn’t hit the mark for our team members with dogs under 75 pounds, or those living in tighter spaces like apartments. It’s for big dogs only - and it comes with a big price tag, too.



Comfort: 85%

Price: $$$

Overall Value: C+

The Barney Bed offers a blend of comfort and chic style. It has a great range of sizes to accommodate various breeds, but it does weigh in on the heavy end of the price scale. While it boasts features like a quick-dry microfiber cover and memory foam for extra support, some of our team reported durability issues against their digging and scratching-prone dogs. If budget is a concern and you're looking for a mix of aesthetic and comfort, the Barney Bed is worth considering.



Comfort: 75%

Price: $$$

Overall Value: C+

The K9 Ballistics Tough Rip-Stop™ Rectangle Bolster Orthopedic Dog Bed is known for its durability, especially suited for dogs that chew or dig. Its key feature is the durable ripstop ballistic cover, designed to withstand rougher treatment. While it's not our team’s top contender in terms of orthopedic support or comfort, its toughness makes it a practical option for pet owners dealing with destructive dogs. If you're prioritizing a bed that can stand up to wear and tear over orthopedic benefits, this could be a viable choice​. But if you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg (or a paw and a tail) you may want to opt for one of the higher choices on our list.



When it came to finding the best dog bed, our team (and their pups) had a clear favorite: the Buddy Bed by Toby & Ace. Here's the scoop from one of our testers, Jake!

Max never liked sleeping on a bed in the past. No matter what Jake tried, Max always preferred the floor. But that became an issue as Max hit the double digits and started struggling with joint pain. He needed a comfortable, supportive sleeping surface…but Jake just couldn’t get him to sleep on any of the beds he bought.

So Jake was stoked to try the Buddy Bed for Max during our trials. To his surprise, Max actually loved sleeping on it! The Buddy Bed's cooling gel was a big hit for Max, who always seemed to overheat in his sleep. When he’d overheat, he’d switch to sleeping on the kitchen tile, which only worsened his joint aches come morning.

The egg crate foam and CertiPUR-US Orthopedic Foam supported Max’s large joints well without being too soft or too hard. Jake said that while Max usually tossed and turned during the night, he slept in one position until morning on the Buddy Bed.


The other beds had their upsides, too - Casper's was comfy but a bit pricey, Big Barker was great for size but lacked cooling features, Barney Bed was stylish but didn't hold up to Max's scratching, and the K9 Ballistics bed, while tough, had him stiff and slow in the mornings.


In a clinical study done by the university of Toronto, The Buddy Bed reduced pain severity by 22.6% in just 28 days and a 15.1% improvement to their quality of life. And within 2 months, a 25.6% improvement in joint function. - it’s the only dog bed that has been scientifically validated.

It's combo of comfort-minded and science-minded features like:

Elevated Airflow: The bed's unique egg crate design boosts air circulation, ensuring Max doesn't overheat while sleeping.

Temperature Control: The inclusion of cooling gel technology maintains a consistently comfortable surface, especially beneficial in warmer weather.

Weight Distribution: Its construction helps spread Max's weight evenly, crucial for easing pressure on his joints.

Alignment Support: Beyond comfort, the bed offers crucial support, maintaining proper alignment of Max's body, crucial for his overall joint health.

Not to mention, the Buddy Bed comes with a stellar 10-year warranty, it’s machine washable, and 10% of every purchase is given back to charity!


Out of the dozens of dog beds we tested, with dozens of team members’ dogs doing the testing, 5 stood out from the pack…

And the Buddy Bed was the paws-down winner among those 5.

After really putting the Buddy Bed to the test, here's the simple truth: it's the best bang for your buck. Ecvery single dog in our team’s testing chose the Buddy Bed over the others. It's not just about the fancy features; this bed delivers real, everyday comfort for your dog, no matter their size or age. It keeps them cool, supports their joints, and helps them get a solid night's sleep. For its price, you're getting top-tier quality, and your dog’s going to love the top-tier comfort and support. So, if you want the best for your furry friend without breaking the bank, the Buddy Bed is your go-to choice.


It’s time your dog, no matter their breed, size, or age, experiences next-level canine comfort.



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Tom Stubbs

Love love love! It’s been hard working from home with our dogs. But then we got Sky her bed and she’s been happily hanging out there all day! The bed is seriously so comfortable!

· Reply · 5 · 10:32

Claire Decristofuru

Toro is LOVING his new Beau Bed! It’s been tough finding something for a dog of his size but we’ve finally found the one. The cooling pad is perfect after those long walks in this summer heat. Toro could not be happier!

· Reply · 1 · 9:22

Justina Lawrence

I purchased this bed because my fur baby Yella had his bed destroyed and also he has arthritis in his leg and needed something comfortable. He absolutely loves this bed and since it has four sides to it, he rests his head just right and gets some wonderful sleep.

· Reply · 2 · 8:12

Gina Dolan

This bed is a great bed for my girl Jelly Bean. As soon as I assembled it and put it down, she jumped on it, laid her head on the bumper and looked up at me. Yes this bed is a quality bed. It is large enough for two dogs. It’s so much more comfortable than expected.

· Reply · 10 · 4:59