Leash Training 101

Leash Training 101

Leash Training 101 With Toby & Ace

#DidYouKnow that excessive pulling can lead to neck, ear, and eye issues for your dog? 

Now, neither you nor your dog will suffer from being pulled too hard! 

If you’ve just welcomed your new pup to the family, you may be unsure of how to master the art of dog-walking. Once you’ve gotten your hands on a ZigZag Leash, there are just a few steps you need to take to prepare your best friend for the outside world. Leash-training has never been easier with a product like this. Here’s how to use the ZigZag Leash to get your pup ready for their daily walks.  

Training Your Dog for Walks 

There are just a few steps to take to get your furry friend ready for the fresh air and excitement of a walk. The key is to make sure they feel comfortable and familiar with their leash and their surroundings. Follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll be having fun dog walks in no time:  

  1. Get your dog used to their collar and ZigZag Leash 

If your dog is just a puppy, they don’t have a lot of experience with a collar or a leash. First, put on their collar and let them run around inside and get used to wearing it. Once they appear comfortable, attach the leash and let them do the same. Provide them with enough praise and treats to encourage them to get comfortable and used to the feeling.

  1. Take them for walks around the house 

Your pup will be used to your house, so walking them around indoors allows them to test out the leash in a familiar environment. Even if they pull, it shouldn’t be a problem for you or them. If they are well-behaved, remember to reward them. Positive reinforcement is critical to proper dog training!  

  1. You’re now ready to go outside 

With the ZigZag Leash, you don’t need to worry about them dragging you away, so this should be easy. Start off with a quiet area so they can explore and familiarize themselves with new smells and sounds. Don’t walk for too long the first time as they may get overtired from too much stimulation. A treat for a job well done is always recommended.  

After following these steps (and repeating the process), walks will be a time of day you and your dog look forward to. Make sure to keep the training sessions short but frequent to avoid exhausting your dog. Keep to a regular routine with the walks so your furry friend gets exercise and doesn’t forget what they’ve learned.  

Training your dog has never been easier with the ZigZag Leash. With an ordinary leash, you’ll have to put more work into teaching your dog not to pull. They can now have their freedom and so will you, making your daily journey a walk in the park. And no more sore necks or elbows!  

Why Choose the ZigZag Leash? 

With our new ZigZag Leash, you stay in control of the walk while your pup strides alongside you happily. Using a basic leash makes it hard to stay on track when your dog gets distracted. You can lose your grip, or even worse, you or your dog could be injured.The ZigZag Leash provides you with extra control thanks to its anti-shock design. 

The ZigZag Leash is unlike any other with its state-of-the-art design, shock-absorbing spring, and 360 buckle: 

  • A shock-absorbing spring that takes in each of your dog’s pulls, preventing both you and your pup from any stress or strain on your bodies.
  • Mountaineering buckle with a 360-swivel providing a full range of motion. With a lock feature made from heavy-duty metal, your dog won’t break away from the leash. 
  • Crafted from durable polyester fabric, making it easy to clean. It will be with you for years to come as it lasts a very long time. 
  • Padded handle for maximum comfort with an added D ring, allowing you to hold onto your accessories.  
  • Modern and sleek design, making you and your furry friend the stylish pair around town. 


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