Ways to tell your dog you love them

Ways to tell your dog you love them

Have you ever wished you could talk to your dog? Well, although you can’t speak to them in words, there are ways you can communicate to your furry friend about how much you love them. Of course, it’s easy to see how much they love you, such as when they wag their tail or lick your face, but the way we express our love as humans is much different.

Often, the best way to tell your dog you love them is by mimicking their behavior towards you. However, since we don’t have tails, this isn’t always possible. But, if you learn how to interpret your pup’s body language correctly and mimic their behavior in your own way, you can truly tell them how much you love them. Below are some tips on how you can make this explicitly known to your furry friend for years to come.

Give your dog lots of cuddles

Just like humans, dogs love physical contact. This is why giving them lots of gentle cuddles is an amazing way to tell them you love them. However, keep in mind that some pups don’t like full-on hugs as they can feel claustrophobic, but you can tell if they enjoy it by examining their body language. Similarly, taking naps with your dog is a great way to build a feeling of connection. This is because dogs live by pack behavior, and this involves them resting together with other dogs. So, if you have time, cuddle up to your dog and take an afternoon nap on the couch, and they will no doubt love you back for it.

Use your ‘dog voice’

Although your dog isn’t going to understand you telling them the story about your day, they do understand human language better than most people think. However, instead of understanding specific words, they can relate to the pitch and tone you use. Therefore, if you want to tell them you love them, it’s better to use a high-pitched tone, similar to if you are talking to a baby. Dogs actually like this, and it’s been found that reading to dogs in this tone has been able to calm down anxious and high-energy pups, as well as bring shy dogs out of their shells.

Take your dog on walks

Going on daily walks with your dog is a fantastic way to bond with them and express how much you love them. Not only does it keep them in a regular routine, but it provides a lot of fun for them. In addition, you can make walks a time to build trust and connection by turning them into training sessions. Some examples of things you can work on are walking off-leash, stay, and even how they act around other people and dogs. Your four-legged friend will appreciate how much time you’re taking out to spend with them, and they’ll certainly know how much you love them when you do this.

Use eye contact

You’ve probably been able to tell how your dog is feeling from just looking at their eyes. You can communicate love back to them by doing the same thing. For example, a long, lingering stare is a clear way of stating, ‘I love you.’ If you find that your dog is doing this, then simply do it back. You’re mimicking their behavior while also expressing how much you care. It’s also good to keep in mind that if you forcefully stare down your dog, it could suggest aggression to your furry friend. Therefore, you will want to nail down the eye contact in a mirror before trying it on your pup.

Listen to their responses

If you’re unsure whether your dog is picking up on your cues when you’re trying to tell them you love them, there are a few signs you can look out for. By simply paying close attention to their body language, you’ll be able to tell if they’re picking up what you’re putting across. For example, a wagging tail, lots of eye contact, and raised eyebrows are signs that they’re reciprocating your love. On the other hand, body language like a tucked tail, licking their lips, and wide eyes can suggest that they are anxious, and you may want to change your approach.

If you’re giving your dog lots of care and attention, there’s no doubt they know they love you. However, the tips mentioned above will clearly state to your beloved furry friend your admiration for them and help build an even stronger connection.

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