How To Keep Your Dog Entertained When You Aren’t Around

How To Keep Your Dog Entertained When You Aren’t Around

As much as we’d love to spend all day, every day with our dogs, that can’t always happen. Whether you need to do your weekly shop, see a friend or family member, or go to work for the day, there are times when you aren’t going to be around to entertain your furry friend. Some breeds are perfectly fine and even content with having some alone time, but others need constant stimulation and attention. Therefore measures need to be taken before leaving them by themselves. You want to avoid destruction and instead create a fun environment that keeps your pup busy.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to entertain your dog, even when you aren’t there. If you prepare before you leave the house, there’s no doubt you’ll be coming home to a pup that is perfectly content. We’ve put together a few tips that can help you have peace of mind every time you step outside the front door while maintaining lots of wagging tails from your favorite family member.



Ensure your dog has lots of toys

There’s nothing better to entertain your furry friend than some fun toys. As an experienced dog owner, you probably know what types of toys your pup enjoys the most, so ensure that you have a steady stream of them available. If you don’t have anything to stimulate your dog when you aren’t around, they may turn to chew other undesirable items in your house. You don’t want to come home to any surprises, so this is always a great solution. If your furry friend’s breed is particularly active, you’ve probably noticed that toys don’t last very long once they’ve sunk their teeth into them. Therefore, you always want to have backups in case you need to leave your home before you can prepare.

Consider some food games

Nothing gets a dog’s attention more than a treat; therefore, you may want to incorporate their favorite food into a game for them to attempt while you’re away. You can either put together the game yourself by hiding treats in unique places around the house or investing in a puzzle toy. If you opt for creating your own activity, ensure you mix up the hiding spots each time you leave so it doesn’t become a routine. On the other hand, puzzle toys not only entertain your pup but stimulate their brain as well. All you have to do is purchase the toy, place their favorite type of food inside, and then have them solve an activity to get to it.

Have a dog walker on speed dial

There may be times when you have to leave the house for longer than anticipated and are worried you won’t be able to give your dog their daily walk. You may have to attend to an emergency, or your work is making you stay a bit longer, but your pup shouldn’t suffer for this as well. They can only entertain themselves for so long, but the best way to get their energy out is to go for a nice brisk walk. No matter where you live, there is no doubt you’ll easily be able to find a reliable dog walker who can come to the rescue when you need them. To top it off, they charge a fair price, which is worth it for your furry friend’s happiness. You get peace of mind, and then you can dedicate your time to giving your pup lots of cuddles and kisses when you get home, knowing they have gotten their exercise for the day.

Bring in a new family member

This option isn’t for everyone, but if you can, consider adopting a second dog so they can both entertain each other when you head out for the day. Dog’s ancestors, like wolves, always roamed in packs, so there’s no surprise that your pup would love having the company. It can lead to a lifelong friendship and ensure your dog is occupied throughout the day. If you have the capacity and time to get another furry friend, there are some things you may want to do. The first is to adopt a breed that has similar energy levels to your current dog, as well as a similar age. You will also want to take some time to introduce them to each other instead of diving into the deep end and leaving them together straight away. If you follow these tips, your pup will have a new best friend in no time to keep them entertained.

Give them a seat with a view

I’m sure you’ve noticed that dogs are curious animals who love to watch what’s going on in the world around them. Therefore, a great way to keep them entertained is by finding a spot in your house near a window, where they can relax with an exciting view of your neighborhood. Place their dog bed or blankets near this area, so they know they’re welcome to go there and maybe even leave a few snacks there too. Then, before you head out for the day, ensure that the curtains are kept open, and they’ll be able to spend all the time they want watching the world go by while you’re away.

You now have five easy tips to help keep your dog entertained while you aren’t around. Ensure you prepare for each time you leave or have backup toys and treats available when you need to head out without notice. There’s no doubt you’ll have peace of mind knowing they won’t be bored, but they’ll also thank you for it.

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