5 Tips on Staying Safe During Dog Walks at Night

5 Tips on Staying Safe During Dog Walks at Night

Winter is approaching, and you know what that means… darker evenings! As we say goodbye to summer, that means we also have to say goodbye to those late dog walks while watching the sunset. Instead, if you want to walk at the same time as before, you will have to face walking when it’s dark and a lot scarier, especially if you’re by yourself.

However, you don’t need to worry. Dog owners have been walking their furry friends in the winter for years, and they will continue to for years to come. There are precautions you can put in place to keep yourself as safe as possible on any night walks. Soon, you may find that walking at night has become your favorite thing to do with your pup.

Below are our top five tips on staying safe at night when walking your dog.

1. Take a familiar route

This probably goes without saying, but if you’re nervous or new to nighttime dog walking, then you should stick to a route you’re used to. For example, if you often walk around the block with your pup during the summer or in the morning, then you should use this same route when you walk at night. It helps you identify familiar surroundings if your dog were to get lost or if you need to alert someone as to where you are. If you decide you want to be adventurous and try out a new trail, then it’s best to test it out during the day first a few times until you get used to the area.

2. Use a light-up walking kit

Just like if a cyclist decides to go for a spin during the night, you will want to have some form of light-up accessories that lets those around you see that you’re there. This is especially important if you’re walking down busy roads where there are a lot of cars. Luckily, the Toby and Ace walk kits, equipped with a collar or harness and leash, come with a multi-function light-up clasp. It allows for high visibility at night for maximum safety, plus your dog gets the most comfort from quality design and materials.

3. Always have your phone with you

If you have a habit of leaving your phone at home each time you go out, you may want to always do a double check before taking your dog for a walk at night. It is the best thing to have on you in case of emergency because you can get in touch with a friend, family member, or even the authorities. There are even some other features on your phone that can make nighttime walks easier, such as a built-in flashlight or a navigational tool that can help if you happen to ever get lost.

4. Walk with some friends

Everything is less scary when you have some friends with you. If you have a friend or several friends who also own a dog, why not ask them to walk with you at night? Or even if none of your friends live near enough to walk with you, there are many dog walking groups you can join. Either way, finding some company makes it much safer for you to walk at night and can make the experience even more fun as well.

5. Take longer lunch walks

You may be opposed to the idea of walking when it’s dark completely. If this is the case, then you may want to make use of helping your dog get more energy out during the day. You can do this by increasing your morning/lunch walks. Since it’s not the summer anymore, you can afford to do this as it’s cooler out, and your furry friend may even enjoy it more. Similarly, you can ensure you play with your pup more and just ensure they are getting more activity during the daytime because you don’t want them to miss out. 

Winter is coming… and it doesn’t have to be all bad. You now know the best ways to keep both you and your furry friend safe during the colder months when you go on beloved walks. Instead of being afraid of the dark, just ensure that you’re always prepared. This way, your dog can get all their energy out, and you may even have some fun in the process. And in no time, it’ll be summer again!

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