Preparing for Summer: Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

Preparing for Summer: Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

Summertime has arrived, and the temperatures are starting to soar. We all love a bit of hot weather, but it can sometimes be too much for your furry friend. Many dogs face the risk of overheating if left in the sun for too long. Taking your pup out for daily walks, ball tosses, and fetching sessions is part of everyday life, but you may need to rearrange your daily routine to keep them cool in the summer.


Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat but rather try to cool themselves by panting. However, when temperatures get too high, panting can become inefficient during physical exertion, if your dog is dehydrated, or if there is insufficient ventilation. You don’t need to worry though, as there are many precautions you can put in place to prevent overheating from happening. We’ve compiled a few top tips for keeping your dog cool, so you can both enjoy the summer months together as much as possible.



Keep your dog hydrated

You probably know what dehydration feels like, and it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world. Dogs can suffer from dehydration too, so you need to ensure they’re constantly exposed to water. Keep a full bowl of fresh, cool water in your home and top it up whenever it has run out. If you’re going on a walk, carry a water bottle or a portable water bowl to put down for your dog when they appear too hot.


Trim your dog’s hair


If your dog has a lot of hair, you may want to give them a trim. Too much hair can make them overheat quicker, so giving them a new look for summer may be the way to go. You can go to a dog groomer or do it yourself. If you’re unsure if a trim is the best thing for your dog, you can consult your vet first and ask for their opinion.



Take frequent play breaks


Dogs love to play, especially outdoors. However, when it’s hot, you cannot keep them in the sun for long periods as this will increase the risk of overheating. Take your dog out in small amounts of time, just enough for them to get their energy out. Don’t play too hard, as this can lead to overexertion. Don’t neglect playtimes entirely, either. Your furry friend may become bored and destructive if you completely limit their exercise.


Provide good airflow


Even if your dog is kept indoors when the temperatures are too high in the summer, they can still overheat. If you have air conditioning, turn it on at different points during the day to ensure your home is properly ventilated. If you don’t have air conditioning, consider investing in a fan to cool your dog down. Remember, if it’s too hot for you indoors, it’s too hot for your dog.


Avoid walks in the heat of the day


Midday is the hottest part of the day in the summer, so you aren’t going to want to take your dog out for a walk then. The best time of day for a walk when it’s hot is very early in the morning or late at night once the sun has set. Ground surfaces like asphalt, sand, and metal absorb heat from the sun and can become so hot they burn the sensitive pads of the paws. If your walk is not during the heat of the day, but you still believe the surfaces are too hot, guide your dog to the grass and walk them there.



NEVER leave your dog in the car


This tip is a given, but in case you want to consider leaving your dog in the car, even if you believe it’s for a few minutes, DO NOT DO IT. Cars can heat up extremely quickly in the sun, and your dog can overheat at a rapid pace. This can become extremely dangerous for your furry friend. If you need to go out, leave your dog at home or take them out of the car with you.


Be tactical with feeding times


Feed your pup in the evening when temperatures have dropped. There’s nothing worse than being full and having to deal with the heat. Similarly, you can change your dog’s diet, so less heat is created in digestion. Low fat/protein diets can help with your digestion, but they will also prevent less heat from being generated. This way, your dog won’t need to cool down as much.


Make popsicles 


Dogs love treats, so why not make some treats that will keep them cool in the summer? You can make dog-friendly popsicles that control the heat. Freeze them in ice cube trays and give them to your furry friend as a treat. Feed them to your dog outside if they haven’t tried one of these treats before because they may make a mess trying to figure out how to eat it.



Consider a bed with cooling gel


Napping is a frequent part of a dog’s daily routine, so you don’t want them getting too hot when they want to relax. The Buddy Bed by Toby & Ace is one of the best dog beds out there that keeps your furry friend’s comfort and safety in mind. The cooling technology evenly regulates body heat to create a cooler sleeping surface. While the egg-crate design helps regulate airflow to keep your pup comfortable. Your pup will wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.


You now have the top tips for keeping your dog cool in the summer. Overheating is a big problem in our furry friends, but it can easily be prevented and dealt with. Summertime is a season to enjoy with family and friends, so you want to allow your dog to enjoy it too.

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